Captive Portal issue when connect to Hotel WiFi (GL-MT1300)

ok, I have been to many hotels across the US Hilton, Raddison, etc and never was able to access internet on my MT1300. Captive portal never popped up (“DNS Rebind protection” disabled) when connected to their network. Tried this instruction as well Captive Portal Strategies - #2 by groentjuh

can devs do anything here ?.

Can MT1300 connect to their wifi or not connect at all?

Yes, i was able to connect(open network), but was not able to access captive portal page.

I had the same problem. I connected to the wifi but the authentication page never popped. Any ideas?
I followed all of the steps in the documentation. I tried both ways - connecting to wifi and disabling DNS setting. That didn’t work.

I also tried cloning MAC. And still could not get the authentication page to pop up when I opened my browser.

I tried both from my iphone and from my Windows 11 PC.

First, what is your firmware version?

Second, I know you have tried a lot. But I need some details so that I can tell which step you have issues.

Some key points:

  1. Disable vpn on the router. Must
  2. Disable adguard home on the router if you have. Must
  3. Disable dns rebind protection and encrypted dns settings on the route. Must. Pls do this before connecting as repeater.
  4. Disable vpn on your pc. Must
  5. Disable encrypted dns on your pc. For example if you set up in your windows as DNS, it will automatically use encrypted dns. Must
  6. Use browser, connect the router to the hotel wifi. Must get an IP address. Pls send screenshot.
  7. Now the portal should pop up. But sometimes you need to access to get it pop up.

The above steps does not need mac clone, which is a different process. Please don’t mix.

Some other posts that if you still does not connect to hotel wifi successfully.


Thank you for your quick response. I am no longer at the site, but will be again within the week. Since I tried there yesterday, I upgraded the firmware, and made the changes on the PC that you suggested. Therefore, those things weren’t addressed when I tried yesterday. I’ll try them next time. I will also get a screenshot of the IP address once I connect the router to the hotel wifi.
Also, I didn’t go MAC clone and these steps together. I changed everything back (reset to factory defaults) when I tried that.

Thank you again and I’ll provide an update in about a week, once I get back there.


On the router, I was at firmware version 3.2.11. I upgraded to the Beta version 4.1.

It looks like VPN isn’t even set up nor is Wiregard. I don’t have AdGuard.

I disabled DNS rebind protection.

Screen shots from my PC :

DNS assignment is set to automatic, but when I select manual and toggle IPV4 I can see that DNS over Https if off.