Captive Portal on the main Wifi

Hello Guys

I am trying to make work Captive portal, but the set up says it is available only on guest wifi and i want to make it work on the main Wireless Wifi.

Thank you

Hello. I tried it a long time ago.I don’t know if those were all the changes I made. I remember that I made another interface with free Wi-Fi for educational purposes, just to allow users to go to a single website, without international internet access, so I had main Wi-Fi LAN with Internet, Guest Wi-Fi with Internet, and this Educational free non encrypted Wi-Fi without Internet, all with their own IP.

But it was not going very well, because mainly of the Firewall issue, I am not very expert on that, I think.
Or maybe 3 DHCP servers working together was too much for this kind of little AR750S router, I don’t know.

OK. Captive Portal.
The point is not to use GL Web admin but to configure the nodogsplash file in /etc/config with WinSCP for example. There you can select which interface you want the captive portal and other settings like DHCP, DNS and if you want all connected devices to be redirected to a specific web page.

You can also change Captive Portal images in /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs. The splash.html file is the default Captive Portal image.

Always backup files in case it doesn’t work, put it back as it was before changes.

If you use Web Admin, Guest will always be set as the only Captive Portal interface.


Seems weird to me to allow anyone you are running through a captive portal to have access to your lan.

It can be used to cast doubt to who is actually using the wifi or did something bad on that wifi.

Yes, exactly. Before you let someone use your wifi connection to access the internet, you have them acknowledge that you aren’t allowing them to do anything illegal, etc. But why would you ever let someone unknown to you access your LAN? How does the portal protect you if they download all your intellectual property?

I am just asking, i want to know and I am curious. Thank you for the answers.

It’s possible to set it up in a way that the open wifi can only access the internet and not the network. You just have to play around with the firewall rules to get what you need.

Like so:

@elorimer I sent you a pm with a use case example :slight_smile:

A captive portal is a web page to which a client is redirected when they connect to a guest SSID. The client can gain access to the Internet after they successfully authenticate or accept the terms of use on the portal page.

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