Captive Portal Prevents Wifi Client VPN Connections

When I have the captive portal enabled on my B1300 I cannot connect to my VPN provider over the wifi network from either my android app or OpenVPN desktop client. Regular browsing after portal authentication works fine. VPN connections when the portal is disabled work fine as well.

Is there a firewall rule preventing this that could be modified?

Hi the captive portal has a problem with VPN. They both modify the firewall rules a lot.

So you cannot use them at the same time.

We are checking if we can solve this issue. Otherwise we will just make a notice that this cannot be used at the same time.

To be clear: I’m referring to using mobile/desktop clients for VPN providers that are completely separate from the software included in the router admin console. The router is functioning neither as VPN server nor client in this instance; I am trying to pass 3rd party VPN traffic through the router after authenticating the captive portal.

I have utilized these VPN clients/servers on public wifi networks that utilize a captive portal without issue. I’m curious as to how/why the GL.iNet would prevent connections even after authenticating.