Captive Portals and Cloning MAC Address

I’m kind of confused about what to do with Captive Portals. For example, if I am at a hotel or Starbucks, and need to accept the terms and conditions before it allows me to connect to the internet.

For reference, I am trying to connect my work laptop to a travel router that in turn connects to a home server router, so it always looks like I am working out of my home city.

I recently went to a cafe to test this out and brought my work computer and my personal laptop. On my personal laptop I was directed to the café’s captive portal. I accepted it. Then I went into the web admin panel of my Slate AX. I went to Network > Mac Address > Clone. I then clicked Apply.

And it worked! I thought it would be more complicated than that? Is it really that simple?

There was already a MAC address prepopulated. Is it as simple as clicking apply or do you need to manually update something? I was looking at the instructions here and it wasn’t clear to me: Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Router Docs 3

I didn’t do anything mentioned in Solution 1. I wasn’t sure if for Solution 2 all I needed to do was click apply or if there was some intermediary step.

The only other thing I’ll mention is initially I didn’t think it worked because it took about 5 minutes after clicking Apply before I was connected.

Highly depends on how the Captive Portal is integrated.

Some will be happy by cloning the MAC, some will need more. Always a game of luck.

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And some (most of the ones I’ve been on) are happy without doing anything…
Just connect your laptop to your Slate WLAN, hop on the Admin UI. Connect the Slate to the public WiFi. Then, from your laptop (still on your private WLAN), open up anything to trigger the Captive Portal.
After that, anything coming from your private WLAN will work.

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Pls do according to @ArnoG 's solution.

Mac clone should not be used in these scenarios.

So I went back to the same cafe. This time I only had my phone and my work computer.

Unfortunately the solution provided above did not work. What ended up working is following the instructions for Solution 2 here: Connect to a Hotspot with a Captive Portal - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

Basically manually adding in the MAC address. That did the trick.

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