Carrier compatibility with modems - EC25-AF

Just wanted to clarify modem compatibility with the carriers… while the EC25-AF is indicated as being broadly compatible across US carriers by the Quectel spec sheet, GL iNet has several references to this modem only being compatible with T-Mobile. For example, on the GL-X750 page, it says:

Note : The EC25-AF / EP06-A Module Only Work With T-Mobile

Similarly, the GL-MiFi page indicates “EC25-AF 4G US T-Mobile”, without mentioning any of the other carriers.

Are there real compatibility issues of the EC25-AF with other US carriers, or is it just a lack of certification with carriers other than T-Mobile (and now AT&T), or both?

It has the right bands for AT&T, but I think they still do IMEI blocking and all that horrible stuff.

The module is compatible with all the carriers in North America.

Certification is difficult.

Especially when you buy SIM card as a consumer, they only want you to use on the phones they sell.

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Thanks, that’s helpful! I do think the messaging could be clearer - perhaps “only certified with T-Mobile but compatible with all carriers” would be more accurate.

I totally understand that certification is difficult. :smile:

Actually the precise description is:

Most of the carriers do not ask for certification to use their network, except for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

BTW, this only happens in the US.