Cascade connection


I try to connect two GL-MT300N-V2

[Box internet ]---->[#1_GL-MT300N-v2]---->[#2_GL-MT300N-v2]---->My Pc

I can not do it, I do not have internet access
Thank you for giving me a solution

Thanks :wink:

@matou - Have you set your subnets correctly? By default the GL.inet routers are mostly having a default IP of which means they will be in the same subnet and you will have issues even getting to the admin consoles.

You need to change lan ip address for one of them. If you don’t know how to to pls read the guide. LAN IP - GL.iNet Docs

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yes I put the same ip gateway as my first router GL-Mt300n v2, and I arrive at the admin page but I still do not have internet

thanks thanks thanks ! You are the boss :hugs: