Cellular usage meter and limit


I am a new GL-E750 mudi user. I would like to ask if this travel router can show the usage of mobile data usage of 4G LTE and set and limit?


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Not supported for now. LuCI can see the traffic statistics of the interface, but it will deviate from the operator’s data.
Later releases of the 4.x firmware will show mobile data usage for 4G LTE. The date is gotten from Modem, but we can’t ensure that the data is exactly the same as the carrier’s. The best way is still to check with your operator, if you want to avoid traffic overload.
The limits or reminders of 4G LTE mobile data usage are still being discussed.

This is the issue with the display on every mobile router, even under any Operating system with a modem in PC/Laptop. And if you know it, it is okay. In my experience the data differs up to 120MB per GB …
So it is better to see anything except of don’t know what is going over the air.