Change device turn on setting MUDI

Why does the router turn on when I connect a plug-in device? Who came up with this bad idea?)) If I connect the device to charging, then it should be charged, if I want to turn on the device, I turn it on. How can I change this awful default setting?

Sorry you cannot change this settings.

Actually in old version (mifi) there is no such function. But was critized by users why the router does not turn on.

After you plugin power, you can use the power button to power if off.

Thank you very much for your reply. Now there is a shutdown function, when I hold for 3 seconds the device turns off, why not make the same functionality to turn it on???
It seems logical to me)) Now I put it on charge and for some reason the device turns on by itself.

You can use the power button to turn it on or off.

Just the router has an auto on function which is there when we design the product.

Thank you for your reply. I do not believe that there are users who like this function)) That is, I connected MUDI to charge, it turned on and then it works all night)) Or do I need to turn it off every time after I put it on charge. When you put your phone on charge in the off state, does it turn on? This is clearly a bug that needs to be corrected. Globally, your device and idea are great.


If you read this thread downwards you’ll see there were a number of people that agree with bob2022 about the Mudi staying off when plugged in to charge.

@limbot Hello . Thanks for the link, great and interesting review. I’m interested in your opinion, please tell me what programs you think you would install on bare OpenWRT?
I understand that everything depends on the tasks, but in this case, if you need to solve any problem, you can download the necessary program from the repository. It seems to me that the gg interface is cumbersome and there are too many programs installed that no one uses during normal daily use. For example, one could set:

  1. Wireguard
  2. DNSCrypt/dnscrypt-proxy)
  3. Tor