Change Dynamic DNS provider

Is there a way to change to using DynDNS rather than glinet DDNS?

No good idea yet.
You can go to openwrt forum for some help.

Does everyone here trust their ddns? is there a security risk with my network and their ddns service?

The GLDDNS works as any other Dynamic DNS service. It only reports your IP to the remote server together with a token generated from your device, and it sets a dns record using that. Nothing more.

If I have router in Europe and I try to access to it from China…would GLDDNS work?

glddns surely work because it has nothing to do with China.

But I don’t know if you can access your router in China. It is a different issue from ddns.

If you didn’t try I would not be sue no-ip was blocked by China firewall
I live in China and I need to access to a NAT disk in Italy connected via usb on the router
I then need my client in China doesn’t get blocked by China firewall because certain DNS are blocked

China blocks your IP, not dns

Yes slip of pen my fault