Change GLI UI password (Not LuCI or SSID)?

Is there a way to change the GLI UI password? (without changing Luci admin / SSID password)??

The UI password has nothing to do with the SSID password.
No, you cannot change the GL UI password without changing the Luci password - it’s the same setting

Actually Yes. GLI UI password is different from Luci password, thought they were set the same for the first time.

In the UI, Access page, you can change the UI password. It will not change Luci password.

With the V3 firmware, is this no longer possible?

So if someone knows admin password to GUI they can make changes to root / luci / ssh too?

As I understand, the UI password is in glconfig file - where is the luci password file?

Luci use root password which is in /etc/shadow

So luci and GL UI use different password.

When changing the admin password via the GL UI, api calls ‘changeadminpwd’ and synchronizes the GL UI password and the root password. Is there also an api call to change only the GL UI password and not the root password?

I think the best approach would be to set the password you want for GL UI in the GL UI itself, then modify the root user password through LuCI.

That’s what I do today, but I deploy these devices to end users, and would like a way for them to customize their GL UI password without giving root access.

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