Change GUI for log in screen and network name?

Is it possible to change the login screen and name of the router it self on the network?

If so, how? Do I need to compile a new firmware?

You can change the name in the following files:


How can I access these folders…?

FTP to the routers IP?

Follow the SSH guide here:

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Network unavailable… Both on LAN, WAN and wifi…

What router are you using? Are you on the latest firmware version?
Can you post what version that is?

300M, latest firmware…3.19 I believe… will check

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the router is set up as AP… therefore, the IP is given from my main router, wich is totally different…

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Du kan prova senaste testing också:

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Nå vil jeg bare ha routeren til å bli noe annat på nettverket :wink:

Fikk bare IEEE Registration Authority etter å ha byttet navn på den… merkeligt…

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Noen ide om hvordan jeg kan forandre log in screen?
Ønsker KUN brukernavn og passord, ikke info om hvilken enhet dette er…

Hmmm. To remove that one you would have to go into the HTML code for the router ui.

You will find all the files in


Found the files… However, I am not experienced enough to change this with CSS or JS editor… Could you please help me?

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Hi, The name of the login screen and the name on the network are not the same.
You can modify the name of the login interface in the /www/src/temple/login/index.html file as following,
<p class=" text-center active clsDeviceSSID">
And you can edit the /etc/config/network file to modify its hostname on the network as follow command,
uci set network.wan.hostname=‘GL-AR750S-33f’
uci set network.wwan.hostname=‘GL-AR750S-33f’
uci set system.@system[0].hostname=‘GL-AR750S-33f’
uci set samba.@samba[0].name=‘GL-AR750S-33f’
uci commit network
uci commit system
uci commit samba