Change mac in extender mode

SFT1200, 4.3.11

how do you change the mac address that is used in extender mode?

"solution 2" in this link Connect to a Hotspot with a Captive Portal - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

if you go to network>mac address and change it to manual and put in a mac address, then go to network mode and change it to extender and hit apply, it says “please reset your mac to factory mac in mac clone”.
it even says in network>mac address that you should randomize your mac address when connecting to a network but then it wont allow you to leave a manual mac address set when trying to enable extender mode

why is it giving this error message? what if you dont want to use the factory mac and want to use a custom one when in extender mode?

also, can you change the factory mac address?

You are mixing things up here ...

  1. If you are going to a public place with a hot spot, connecting to this WLAN, it is good practice to randomize the MAC. This could be a layer of security.
    There are 2 nets: Hot spot WLAN1 -(WAN/Changing MAC)-> SFT1200 -> Own WLAN2

  2. If you are using the Router in your LAN as extender, from whom do you want to secure? It could be difficult to track the change to extend your own WIFI/WLAN. The network should be aware which MAC is a client and which is a router. for example to detect malicious MITM attacks, or optimize routes.
    Here is only one net WLAN1 -> SFT1200 -> Extended WLAN1

But you should be able to change the mac to a own, if wished. But make sure this one s unique within your whole network, including VPNs.

Why do you change mac address in Extender (bridge) mode?

For Extender (bridge) mode, you need to make sure it is your trusted network, so not necessary to change mac address. The router ask you to reset the mac address to factory default because, when using mac clone, in bridge mode there will be mac address conflict.

Mac address change should only be used in Repeater (WISP) mode. In firmware 4.x you can random mac address for each wifi network.

With the Beryl, there is a randomized mac adress reported in wds(!) mode by the gl.inet app - but ist looks like it is the original mac adress. - this maybe should be fixed (It starts with 94:83:C4 which seems to be GL.inets range?