Change Netmask Pushed By DHCP

I need to change the netmask pushed by DHCP on my GL-AR750s. It pushes a 24-bit netmask ( I need it to push a 16-bit netmask (

I’m doing this because I want my DHCP clients to send all 192.168.. traffic to my GL-AR750s, and my clients run a VPN which grabs all non-local traffic (where “local” is defined by the netmask).

Where/how do I configure the netmask pushed by DHCP?

Change the netmask on your LAN interface. The DHCP server automatically parses the LAN configuration and assigns addresses/pools within the same network as that interface.

I’m not sure where that’s defined on the stock GLI firmware but presumably it’s easy enough to find. Worst case SSH into your router and edit the configuration under “/etc/config/network”

you can configure it with Luci.