Change network class for WireGuard server


I’m using WireGuard server in Slate(GL-AR750S) and it works fine. External clients could connect to router using WireGuard client and get access to computers inside my local network.
However there is problem with network addressing conflicts if local computer inside my network opens VPN connection to some external VPN server that use 10.x.x.x network.

Router’s Wireguard server uses 10.x.x.x network to assign 10.0.0.x/32 ip address to my clients.
I would like to change configuration of my Wireguard server that it use network class B (172.16.x.x) to assign IP address to my clients ( my clients will receive,,… addresses)

  1. Is it possible to do?
  2. what needs to be changed in my router configuration.

P.S. I have SSH access to router



This is possible, you can modify it directly on the wireguard server page,it looks like:

Or you can ssh to the router to modify the “/etc/config/wireguard_server” file,
config servers
option local_ip ‘’
option local_port ‘51820’
option enable ‘0’