Change of Region on Goodcloud?


Right now the goodcloud page does not allow it to change of region, is not appear the icon, can anybody help me please?

No need to change region anymore since the lastest update, it seems.
The datacenter is the important part, and you can find it in your profile (

Only if you register as a new user, you can choose the region once.
After that, the region will be selected correctly auto-magically. :magic_wand:

ok how i can change it, my devices are in America and my profile says, Asia.

Seems to be impossible as an end user.
So you might wait until a team member from GL can help you.

how fast they can response?

Just give them a few hours. :slight_smile:

Or, if you just have 2-3 devices … simply disconnect it from the cloud and create a new profile with the correct region.

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that is the big issue i don’t have the device near me.

Can you still access the old domains?

no im not, still dont have access to the old domains

Are you experiencing a specific problem right now? After logging into GoodCloud, do you see that the devices are all offline?
Or is it working fine right now, but you want to change to another area?

The old domain will redirect to Everyone just needs to log in at

ok, is possible for you can change my region server, please? Right now my region server is ASIA, I want to change it to the USA Server. My email is, Thanks.

Okay. Please remove all your devices from the platform and let us know.
We will migrate the region for you.
Once the migration is complete, you can rebind your devices to the new region.

Unlike your previous devices that were bound to multiple regions, the new version of the device can only be bound to one region. If you don’t remove the devices first, you won’t be able to bind them to the new region after you migrate the regions.

Hello ,

the devices is deleted, can you please proceed.


We had changed your region to the USA Server.Please try login again.

Excellent, Thanks a lot for you help.