Changing all macaddr assigned for ar750 b4 network start

Using a purely gl default config with 2 lan wifi access points and 2 guest wifi acccess points across 2 radios. wan and lan.

in some configs I perform a ifconfig and view luci-network-interfaces and view luci-network-wireless.
What I see.
from luci-network-interfaces
wan interface has <why 46 and ifconfig different below?
lan interface has <why 46 and ifconfig different below?`
guest interface has 26.xx.xx.xx.xx.b0 <26? from softcode random?

wireless2g lan station is
wireless2g guest station

wireless5g lan station is
wireless5g guest station

from ifconfig
eth0 (wan)
eth1 (lan
eth1.1 (lan)

wlan0 (5g-lan)
wlan1 (2g-lan)
wlan2 (2g-guest)
wlan3 (5g-guest)

here is my next question.
how to impliment random mac change on wan and also lan and wifi on every reboot. not worried about local dhcp server filling up with a crap load of address but rather a script to run when traveling.

this worked fine with wan but looking to randomize all interfaces.

I checked my ar750, only the guest interface does not correspond, I guess it is a problem with the read mechanism of luci, ifconfig sees the correct mac address

For the second question:
You can add your own code in the /etc/rc.local script, modify the mac address of the corresponding interface, wan / lan / guest network in / etc / config / network, and modify / etc / config / wireless configuration wirelessly

For example:

uci set network.lan.macaddr="XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"
 uci set network.wan.macaddr="XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"

uci set wireless.default_radio0.macaddr=“XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”
uci set wireless.default_radio1.macaddr=“XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”
uci set wireless.guest2g.macaddr=“XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”
uci set wireless.guest5g.macaddr=“XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”
uci commit network
uci commit wirless
wifi reload
/etc/init.d/network reload

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so after some playing around and clearing out values I found when the macaddress go back to default guest and lan end up sharing the same mac address.
doesn’t this seem wrong?

The mac address of the guest and the lan are distinguished according to the interface you add to it. The one with the smallest mac address among all the interfaces is taken. If the minimum mac address of the interface of your two bridges is the same, then the mac of the guest and the lan will be Will be the same

and If I have no access point on my 5g wireless why does it share the macaddress of of the lan when used as wwan? I would think it would be different? but def not the same as wan or lan?

Hi rp201rp:
Repeater interface:
wlan-sta ESSID: "GL-B1300-cd2"
Access Point: 94:83:C4:XX:XX:96
5G WiFi Interface
wlan0 ESSID: "GL-AR750S-f96-5G"
Access Point: 94:83:C4:XX:XX:97
2.4G WiFi Interface
wlan1 ESSID: "GL-AR750S-f96"
Access Point: 96:83:C4:XX:XX:96
5G Guest WiFi Interface
wlan2 ESSID: "GL-AR750S-f96-Guest-5G"
Access Point: 96:83:C4:XX:XX:97
2.4G Guest WiFi Interface
wlan3 ESSID: "GL-AR750S-f96-Guest"
Access Point: 92:83:C4:XX:XX:96

It can be seen from the above that for the wifi with relay enabled, the mac address of the relay interface is read from the art area, the main wifi is art + 2, and the guest wifi is art-2
For wireless without relay enabled, the main wifi is read from the art area, and the guest wifi is art + 2

Ehy Guys ! how is goign ?

So basically I have ar 750 s

and I already installed the script below , in /etc/init.d and works well for all repeater functions ,


but the script doesn’t fix under the factory firmware. I mean the factory macaddress E3:XX:XX:XX:XX where is write under the box it’s impossible to change ?



ZHAO indeed :slight_smile:

never mind my mistake here

macaddr work but there is also hwaddr

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