Changing Brume 2 Icon in the mobile app

This is a totally vain request. I bought a metal Brume 2 (GL-MT2500A) and when setting up the local connection in the Gl-iNet mobile app I accidentally selected the plastic frame icon rather than the metal frame icon. Is there any way to change it in the app? It’s not affecting the functionality of the router at all, but I paid for the metal version so I’d prefer to see the metal version. (“No, suck it up” is a perfectly valid answer)

Can you not just reset the app by deleting all its data and starting it from scratch?

Please click Manage Devices in the sidebar, then find your Brume 2 in the list and click Forget. then you just need to re-add your Brume 2.
Please note that if you have tied your Brume 2 to the cloud, it is recommended that you log out of your cloud account before Forget. Otherwise you will need to unbind your device.


Thank you! That worked beautifully.