Changing Country Code - not available in Luci. Same as Beryl MT1300

My Beryl AX arrived today - many thanks Chrissy!

I’ve just done a quick out-of-the-box config before getting down to anything more sreious.

I’m in the UK and the device shows “US” againt the firmware revision that appears at the top of the Android app screen. I’ve had a look in Luci and, like the Beryl, there’s no option to change the Country Code to “UK”. Is this for the same reason as not being ale to chnage the code on the Beryl - the device is using Mediateks’s propriatory driver which isn’t fully compatible with Luci? I remeber that my Beryl didn’t come shipped with Luci but the Beryl AX does

And, if so, do I need to edit /etc/config/wireless, as with the Beryl?


The contry code was write in the production process.And for now this product isn’t support config WIFI throught Luci.
I will submit this problem to the dev.
Thank you.

The country code can be configured via uci command now.

uci set
uci set
uci commit

Brilliant Jerry. Thanks
For now I’ve simply edited the config file direct. My other devices are all set to UK and I wanted to test like-for-like. I’ll test this solution later.