Changing default datacentre

looking to know if there is a way to cahnge the default DC when i log on to goodcloud

i used to have 10 per site i.e 10 in EU 10 in America etc until they removed the 10 device limit

i have not been migrating all to EU but when i log on to Goodcloud on a web browser on laptop it defaults to Asia any way to change that to EU

cannot seem to find anyrhing in setting for this that i could find

There are three regions of Goodcloud,you can use url below to login goodcloud
Asia region:
Eu region:
Us region:

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Is it hard for you to migrate devices from America region to EU region?

i no longer have devices in US i have moved them to EU but bookmarked the URL which defaults to asia so @clannad advice to change to EU URL will do the very job