Changing WiFi settings in "simple" and "advanced" modes

On the AR300M, changing WiFi settings in advanced mode sets the radio to 20 MHz channel 54 Mbps G mode. Then I use the “simple” interface to set it back to 40 MHz 300 Mbps N mode.

Feature: in the US or in Canada, output power can be raised to 23 dBm using Openwrt. It can also hide the SSID.

When you change in advance settings, be sure to check the channel settings etc so that it is not set to 54Mbps.

The hardware only support 20dBm so there is no way to set 23dBm.

Hide SSID maybe one feature we need to add.

Thank you so much for the quality of your answers!

I hid the SSID so the neighbors won’t notice that I have two routers on 2.4 GHz (unless they use a wifi scanner). When I do “regular” internet stuff, I connect to my TP-Link router. When I need to use the VPN, I simply switch to the AR300M. No need to go through a configuration page. I love it!

please confirm that in US i can set output power to 23dBm

No, max is 20dBm as @alzhao wrote :slight_smile:

Just pick up this old thread. Hidden ssid is already added in 3.x firmware.