Changing wireguard standard port


after a long trip, I set the Brume2 within my DMZ and everything works.
But if I change the port from 51280 to smth else (50368 or 51285), I get no connection.
Is it smth known or does my ISP router just blocks uncommon ports?


Run a nmap scan against your public IP & see what pops. Don’t forget to update any firewall/port forwarding rules given the non-standard WG port(s).

but how can it help with my problem?
I can see the filtered wireguard port (the standard one), which works.

by the way, I see the opened 443 and filtered 22,23,80,111. Telnet and SSH is surely used by ISP, but opened 443 and filtered 80?? But it’s another topic.

I remember you connect LAN to your main router, the LAN firewall doesn’t block anything.
Please do a factory reset and set wireguard on WAN.

I already changed it to WAN.
The ports are opened on the ISP router.