Check Modem Model

I have what I expected to be a Spitz with an EC-25AF. The sticker on the bottom says that’s what it is.

However, I can not lock to Band 66.

My phone is using CA with bands 2 and 66 and seeing about 120Mbps, but the Spitz is using band 2 and only seeing about 14Mbps.

I’m wondering if maybe I got the wrong modem, but I can’t see how to check the modem model from the UI. How can I do that? Or does it just not support locking to 66 for some reason?

Okay, so I got it to lock to band 66 with the following AT command:


However, I’m seeing a hard limit at 12Mbps. Putting my phone on only B66 (no CA) sees about 45mbps. Any thoughts on a possible bottleneck?

Because my phone is showing 150mbps, and the Spitz is showing about 1/10 of that.

The Quectel docs say this should support CA, which I’m not getting (I just get “ERROR” when I try to check QA status with an AT command), and even so I’m showing 1/10 the throughput of my other device, so something seems off.

EC25 is cat4, not cat6, without carrier aggregation

You can see what module is installed on the main internet page:

And yes the EC25 is Cat 4 only. The EP06 is Cat 6 .

Ahh. Thanks.

So, it’s the right modem. However, the way it caps at 12Mbps and doesn’t vary either faster or slower is giving me the impression of a bottleneck somewhere. Any thoughts on what might cause that?

It may just be coincidence that USB 1.0 spec is 12Mbps, but I’m wondering if there’s a driver issue causing the modem to fall back to USB 1.0 instead of full speed 2.0?

Are you running the latest firmware 3.1000?

(I’ve loaded on my Spitz but haven’t tested)

Currently 3.0.27…

Will update and report back.

Still seeing 12Mbps on the 750 (Band 66), but 150Mbps on iPhone.

What model iPhone?

I know nothing about Apple products but a quick Google search shows that if it’s a 6s or above it’s doing Cat 6 or better… …

It’s cat 16, and shows it’s doing 2CA (B2/B66), but I would not expect a 10x speed increase by simply adding 5mhz of B2.

Is that wrong?