Choosing between MT-300N-V2 and AR300M16 in my setup (Using Aircrack-ng and WISP usage)

I’m looking to buy MT-300N-V2 or AR300M16

I need help choosing between them, here’s what my setup will be like

I would have the 300n/300m make a WiFi network (without internet connection) so I can SSH via my phone into it and run the aircrack commands, I’ll then have monitor mode and whatnot run on an external USB WiFi adapter so I don’t lose the WiFi connection with my phone
(WiFi adapter is TL-WN722N V1 if it matters)

Would it work? and which model would you recommend if it does

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The MT300N-V2 uses a MTK chipset and a proprietary driver that is supplied by GL iNet, where the AR300M16 uses the Atheros chipset and the open source driver from OpenWrt. I think that the TL-WN722N V1 also uses the Atheros chipset but you would need to verify that. The AR300M16 CPU is slightly faster then the MT300N-V2

Although a lot of users have reported no issues with their MT300N-V2 and the MTK proprietary driver, my one “MT” based GL iNet product using the MTK proprietary driver has cost me more time and pain then any other product of theirs that I have bought, and is currently offline and setting in a drawer. I have had very good luck with “AR” based GL iNet routers, and I’m currently using multiple of them in production.

I do not know about using either product for your specific use case. You may want to use the generic OpenWrt Firmware 21.02, as the current released firmware from GL iNet for these two products are based on the older OpenWrt 19.07. The GL iNet firmware contains a lot of stuff in the firmware that probably will not help you in your specific use case and it uses up most of the 16MB of Flash, where the generic OpenWrt software allows you to pick and choose your packages.

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for Aircrack-ng definately choose AR300M16