Choppy calls

Hi everyone.

I'm getting choppy audio on my work Voip calls. I can hear them mostly loud and clear but when I speak it gets choppy from time to time. All else is perfectly fine. I have my wireguard server(slate plus) in the US and travel with the client(also SlatePlus). My setup seems to be adding about 40-50ms onto my ping.

Checked packet loss and it's at 0%.

I log onto my work's Global Protect V*N and then onto my work's VMware and then start work. Can anyone please help ?

In the translations is the following string, that may help you:

SIP ALG can be used to mitigate the effects of multiple NATs, but in most cases it will not help. Enabling SIP ALG may affect VoIP calls such as one-way audio (only one party can hear the other), phones not ringing during a call, phones dropping while connected, and calls going directly to voicemail.

Thanks for this. I have it switched off for a while as I had read it can impact VOIP call quality

In my opinion, SIP ALG won't help you nor will it do the opposite, since you are using VPN.
Adjusting the MTU might help - but it could be just some VPN issue.

The all-in-all latency shouldn't exceed 350ms.

Hi.Thank you for your responses.I have played around with MTU to the point it got my packet loss to drop from 2% to 0% but some calls are still choppy.

My ping is below 350ms too.