Chromecast wGTV connection failed?

Like the title says, i bought the Mango mini router specifically to use my Chromecast with google TV when away from my home, but the device will not connect, is there a solution to this?

Can you give more details?

Did you set up a vpn server in your home?

Have you configured vpn client on the router?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have a vpn configured but it doesnt work also while its turned off.

Check your Wireless channel and if set to Auto try changing to 1, 6 or 11

Can you share how this works please?

I have my Chromecast setup in my home, if I travel I bring it with me along with the travel router so that when I stay in a hotel I can plug in the Chromecast and use it without setup since it’s already configured on the travel router network.

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The Channel was set on 5, I changed it to 6 and will try the Chromecast setup again when I have some time

As I understand, you can set up your Chromecast with the router and take both.

So in a hotel and you turn on the Chromecast and router.

On the router you should have VPN connected to your home.

So in which step you have problem?

The Chromecast can’t connect to the router. Says connection failed, while it works perfectly with on my phone.

Check bandwidth on Wifi and set to 20Mhz
Check if there’s any weird characters in your WiFi password
Make sure that the device running Google Home is attached to the Mango
Make sure that the Mango is connected to the source WiFi before setting up

Other than that…?!?

Have done this many times with Mango :frowning:

Also check if your Mango comes with latest firmware.

Before there is a problem that Chromebook cannot connect to Mango but was fixed. Not sure if this affect Chromecast.

I managed to make it work by setting channel 6 and updating firmware.

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I had this problem and (just) an upgrade of firmware v3.026 → v3.211 was enough to fix

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