Cirrus (AP1300LTE) Vs Spitz (GL-X750V2)


I’ve recently found out the ap1300lte has been discontinued, this is disappointing as I use them for customers who have RV/holiday homes. I reached out to gl inet and they said the GL-X750V2 is the best “replacement”.

Does anyone know how well they compare? They seem broadly compatible but have different chipsets. I’d love to know what the community thinks.



Ap1300 is quad CPU 256mb ram
X750 is single cpu 128mb ram

I would expect x750 to be able to provide up to say around 100mbps cellular connection? My country’s LTE is usually around 10mbps

Running sqm qos, encrypted dns, wireguard client, wireless repeater is probably the max the x750 can handle

It should consume less power

If you need to do more things, maybe wait for their upcoming x3000

The a1300 is actually similar hardware with ap1300lte but with recent firmware and without the internal cellular modem

You may connect a USB modem dongle or USB modem adapter to add cellular connection to a1300, however it’s trial and error to find what is compatible

Thanks for replying! I think the x750 will probably be enough. I won’t need most of those services, but if possible would like to run adguard. If the X3000 is released in time and at a good price I was thinking that might be the best option.

I’d like everything in one device, and USB modems aren’t great, this will be in a remote property so I don’t want to have to visit it very often! I’m gutted that the AP1300LTE isn’t available any more as it was such a good all in one solution, it’s a shame they couldn’t keep it going until the X3000 was released!

Don’t think it has Adguard in version 3 firmware, but you can use nextdns through encrypted dns

Hmm ok. Maybe I need to rethink using gl Inet hardware. It’s a shame because I really like the completeness of the product. But eol’ing with no notice or announcement is a pain, there doesn’t currently appear to be a suitable replacement and no pricing / availability of the x3000.

I don’t really know what to do! I’ve evaluated mikrotik in the past, but preferred gl…

The X3000 is the best replacement for the AP1300, especially in the RV scenario, and the X3000 will come in a 4G version that should match your price expectations.

I wish gl-inet is more clear about their product roadmap. LTE routers keeps getting launched, then goes out of stock / removed from store long before an official EoL notice goes out. Customers might purchase a device not knowing it is soon to be discontinued / already discontinued.

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I totally agree. I had the AP1300LTE as my router of choice for a few projects in the future, the hardware clearly isn’t the issue in that the Slate Plus has the same processor and the upgrade to v4 firmware. I don’t think the AP1300LTE was on the market for long and it’s a real shame.

With a roadmap I’d have know the AP1300LTE was going end of life and that the X3000 would be the replacement but wouldn’t be released before the EOL. It’s potentially going to cause me some issues especially if the release date for the X3000 slips. I really like GL Inet hardware, but there is more competition now (not necessarily at the same price point, but that isn’t always the issue) something like the mikrotik chateau with multiple versions, including 5g are now on the market.

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