Client tab traffic column

Slate AX 4.0.1 beta 2

in the client tab there is a traffic column, when / how is this reset?
it appears never and I cannot find any way to manually do it.

as a feature request it would be good to see speed and traffic on wan interface as well

The Web UI doesn’t have the feature to reset the traffic statistics.
If you want, you can remove it when the device is offline. Later, if the device comes back online, it will start counting traffic from 0.

Do you need a reset all devices or only reset one? Can you explain why you need to reset the traffic statistics?

This feature is already being planned and will arrive with the Multi-WAN feature.

to see all traffic ever is kind of useless for me, It could be of interest to reset traffic when you change wan connection for instance, especially for a metered connection.
A reset all button would probably be sufficient, but a reset choice in the action menu would be good as well.

FWIW, I do this via LuCi;

Be sure to click on the “br-lan” tab (I wish which tab was selected was part of the URL, but I guess that’s a OpenWRT limitation).