Clients cannot reach AdGuardHome DNS Server on GL-MV1000

My clients cannot reach the AdGuardHome „DNS server“.
An Overview of my configuration:

  • AdGuardHome process is enabled on GL-MV1000
  • GL-MV1000 is connected behind a router (FritzBox 7490) via WAN port (internal IP
  • GL-MV1000 Admin Panel is reachable within local network (with open port 80 on firewall)
  • GL-MV1000 is also running as an WireGuard Server well
  • Within DNS settings on several clients there is set as DNS-Server

AdGuard Server said, heDNS server is listening on the following addresses:


• ::1:3053



• fda6:8a33:6ea2::1:3053


I cannot enter a Port behind a DNS-Server address on macOS

If I set as DNS-Server on clients, they cannot access the internet.

I’m a newbe on that. I’ve newer seen a Port number for a DNS-Server entry.

What is going wrong?

Which are the right settings for GL-MV1000’s Firewall behind the FritzBox Router? Or is there anything to do on the Fritzbox Router?

Best Regards from Germany

The AdGuardHome isn’t supposed to be called by LAN clients directly (because of non standard DNS port as you’ve mentioned). When activated, it will divert DNS in the BRUME that will forward DNS request to AGH. So the BRUME is / will be your client DNS. And you will have to define what external DNS to use inside AGH options. I recommend using encrypted DNS for more privacy.