Clone MAC address feature only on Ethernet since Firmware 4.x

In firmware 3.x I could clone the MAC address for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Great feature for captive portals in some hotels.
In firmware 4.3.7, which just got released for my AR-300M16, it seems I can only change the MAC address for Ethernet. Options for Wi-Fi are gone.

Does anyone has an idea how to change the Wi-Fi MAC address on a newer firmware?

Hello, may I know specifically how you operated on firmware 3.x and 4.3.7?

So my use case is:

  1. Use the “Private MAC address” feature on iPhone to log on to a captive wifi portal.
  2. Log out of wifi on iPhone and change private MAC address back to original iPhone MAC address
  3. Change MAC address of GL.iNet router to that private MAC address
  4. No need for any other devices to enter captive portal, since they all use the repeated wifi of the GL.iNet router

In the fimware I did specifically the following steps.
In 3.x: Clone MAC menu → Entered iPhone’s private MAC address → Reboot (not sure if neccessary) → Et Voilá … MAC address of wifi interface is changed, so I can setup the repeater just fine
In 4.3.7: Clone MAC menu → Didn’t change anything and stopped here already, because the menu only offers to change MAC address for ethernet. For wifi it seems not possible to change its MAC address anymore, since it is just a label, not clickable, not editable.

Hello, may I ask which specific version of the 3.x version you are referring to? Additionally, in the 3.x version, which Wi-Fi interface’s MAC address has changed? Is it one of the interfaces shown in the image below? If it is the MAC address of the repeater Wi-Fi (wlan-sta), in 4.3.7, you can first enable the repeater function, and then you will be able to see the option for MAC address (repeater). After that, you can proceed to change the MAC address of the repeater Wi-Fi.

It is the latest version of 3.x, version 3.216, on an AR300M16.

Additionally, in the 3.x version, which Wi-Fi interface’s MAC address has changed?

Oh, I’m sorry, but I forgot to add, that I was only referring to the features, that are presented in the UI. You don’t get asked about any Wi-Fi interfaces within the clone MAC address menu.

Hello, in the 4.x firmware, we updated the UI interface. In the MacClone interface, the first mode is “Factory Default”. If you want to see the repeater’s MAC address, you need to turn on the repeater. The second and third modes are “Clone” and “Manual”. After setting the cloned address in the “MAC Address” option for these two modes, click “Apply”, and both the Ethernet and repeater will be changed to that address at the same time, indicating successful configuration. Since the Ethernet and repeater addresses are cloned to the same address, the UI interface is designed to only have one place to set the MacClone address.