Clone mac address


Just a question: when I use my mobile phone in a hotel to authenticate and then clone the mac address on GL-AR300M, will I still be able to connect my phone later with the GL or is this not possible because the have the same mac address?


Unless I am missing something, I thought that was the whole point of “cloning”, so answer must surely be “yes”.

Ok, thanks, just wanted to be sure if I have an issue here or not.

If I do not clone my phones mac address, I don’t have problem connecting my phone to GL.

If I clone my phones mac address the phone constantly looses wlan connection, tries again to reconnect and authenticate, keeps it up some seconds and looses it again and so on.

During that, other devices cannot connect anymore (I suppose the GL is busy with the phone reconnections). I have to remove wlan connection from phone to use my GL again with other devices.

So I did clone other devices mac address to see what’s happen.

This devices I could clone and use wlan without problems:

  • Windows 10
  • Motorola G2, Android 5.1

With this devices I have this ‘wlan-reconnection-loop’ problem:

  • Nexus 9, Android 6.0
  • Nexus 5x, Android 7.1

Any idea what causing this problem?