Clone MAC and Tethering on the AR-300M

I have the AR-300M running 2.261. To that, I USB tether my OnePlus 3T, which, in turn, connects to Three’s 4G InterWeb service, here in the UK. I then give various home-based laptops and tablets 'web access via the AR-300M’s WiFi HotSpot functionality. It all works rather well.

Except, Three have a 30GB tethered device restriction, which I have been greedily gobbling up in about a day - no amount of ‘Clone MAC’ in the AR-300M’s UI appears to work, unfortunately. Am I misunderstanding something? I assumed that ‘Clone MAC’ would make it appear as though all my home’s 'web traffic was coming from the tethered phone, thus not using Three’s tethering restriction…

Have a read here: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

In a nutshell, try the following (kindly report back here with results):

In Network–>Firewall–Custom Rules

Add the line: iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o 3g-modem -j TTL –ttl-set 64


Short answer - awesome - seems to work - thanks!

Long answer - I added the line as advised, rebooted, tethered my phone and took note of my tethered usage on an app’ provided by Three. I then connected a laptop to the AR-300M’s WiFi hotspot and watched a really long youtube video about how Ed Sheeran writes songs. The video was boring, but the Three app’ reporting the exact same tethered usage as it did prior to the video was ever-so-exciting. Yay!

…admittedly, the sample size is pretty small, but if you don’t hear from me, assume that the fix continues to work.