Cloned Home IP Address Error Message when attempting to connect

I am attempting to connect to my travel router; I am utilizing port forwarding to mimic my home’s IP address so that I can use my home’s IP while traveling abroad or possibly for Domestic travel so that I can stay under the radar from my employer; however I keep an error message whenever I attempt to connect via Wifi to the cloned router; Currently I am connecting to a VPN via AnyConnect and this is a Cisco Secure Application, there error message I continue to get advises that I am not able to connect to the server (Please verify internet connectivity and server address) can anyone provide any suggestions as to why this could be occurring?

I’m not sure what you mean by clone your home IP address, that’s not really possible (I think you might be mistaking the local IP of the router for your external public IP). The public IP address given to you by your Internet Service Provider (this may be static/fixed), the exit to the internet, would be visible to your employer. The only proper way is to VPN (using something like Tailscale and an exit node from your house) from your travel router to home, then on to work.

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