Closing port

Hey guy. Im nit tech savy. But can anyone hell me out. Im currently using kaspersky antivirus. It scan my network and said that few port open, the following port that are open is 22, 23, 992, 2323.. How can i close it. Im using gl.inet e750v2 mudi.

If you can dumb it down that would be great.

Thanks in advance

Did you scan from inside your network?

In that case the results are pretty useless.

992 and 2323 are pretty unusual, however. Depends on what your device is running.

What exactly does the Kaspersky say?

This port if I recall is used by VMware authentication daemon.

This is what it said.

It is your device. I confuse how antivirus scan network each devices? Router, mobile or pc to check ports?

22 - SSH is local port to control router.
I thinks all these ports are local ports. Not outside network

Do not use this crap. It is leaking your data.
Proof. I do not recommend anything from that country, from which kaspersky is.

Ehm, this is just some example page - where is the real result?

It just say i got an open port 22 (ssh) so i click on fix it and thats the link that bit gice me

How do you find out what port are open and needed to be close?

22 is SSH and normal, since it's a Linux device. This port is only open from inside the LAN.

I would not recommend to disable SSH because if you have issues reaching your WebGUI it will be the only way to troubleshooting - without resetting the router.

You could check port online and type 22.