Cloud help x750

Hey guys wondering if I can get some help, I will have many of these devices in the cloud, but I need to be able to remotely access them, to configure or set them up! I have one i’m testing but cannot modify the configuration. Am I doing this wrong? Thanks!

As you can see in the images everything looks correct, I can see some of the WIFI data, just things like uptime but not any other details. I also do not have the option to modify the configuration?

Thank you for the help

@Leo Whether the relevant permissions can be provided?

I don’t know your meaning. Which configuration you want to modify?

I can’t modify any configuration through the cloud, I’d like to be able to modify the wifi password, apn, and basic details. But don’t even have the option

Please give a screenshot after you click the device name


Here’s what I can see with my X750 with Goodcloud(don’t know if that helps or not)

Remote Access setup same as yours but my remote access is attached to “Global”

As Leo says what happens when you click on “Forrest”?

If I click on my equivalent X750 then I then get:

Main page

Modify on WiFi status

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when I click the name this is what I get

I’m not getting any of the WIFI details that you get on your device.

It is America region issue. Our engineer has fixed that.
Thank you your feedback.

Okay so do i need to relink the device?

Unfortunately I added another router same issue, tried America, Asia Pacific, and Europe

I just test it, it is OK.
How about try Chrome incognito mode?
I will send a email to you to fix it quickly.

Hey Leo I responded to your email thank you

I am having the same issue with E750’s not showing wifi details in goodcloud, I tried clearing cache and using different browsers.

What’s your version of e750? maybe you can try with latest firmware.