Cloudflare warp on future firmware updates

Finally the warp has been released. I have been testing it since yesterday with android phone and I think it is very interesting. From what I find:

  • this warp is based on wireguard that connect to nearby cloudflare server,
  • it routes the traffic but not hide our real IP,
  • it has very fast servers (faster than wireguard server that I built over google cloud platform),
  • said to be free, but premium speed may needs subscription. In android it is cheap but for apple it is 10x lol (in my country)

I think it would be very great if this warp implemented in next firmware updates. I heard the source code is not opened, but some guy in twitter could capture that and implemented it in his mac (he share the bash script, but I don’t have mac or ubuntu installed)


Thank you for your information, I will try.

Cloudflare WARP is basically Wireguard with a user friendly interface…

I tried it but seems it does not hide my IP. How do I know it routes my traffic?

The easiest way to check in android is using Speedtest. It will detect your network provider at first, and then you could try to switch to very far server that mostly you get speed decreases by using your own provider. For me, from Indonesia, only got max 5mbps (of total 20mbps bandwidth) test result to New York, but with this warp I got 18-19mbps.
And also my internet provider blocks netflix for competency issue, with this warp I got no problem at all watching netflix (Singapore region, nearest cloudflare server)

Correct! It is only working with udp protocol as wireguead does. The best thing from warp is that we are inside their worldwide backbone network.