Cloudflare Warp

Has anyone tried Cloudflare Warp? looks like a good VPN

I am looking into adding this

It doesn’t look like a VPN.

It looks like a DNS resolver.

That’s not CloudFlare WARP, just DNS resolver. But using WARP on OpenWRT has helped with CGNAT issues by getting me an assigned IPv4.

Yes, it works perfectly (but not fit Netflix, it blocks it intermittently)

Same thing was happening to me. Netflix blocks Cloudflare’s IP’s.

Best thing to do is create a separate routing table for your TVs using Netflix, bypass the VPN and have it route directly to rmnet_mhi0. This way your other devices use Cloudflare Warp, but TVs use the normal network, allowing Netflix to work.

Yes, that’s exactly what I did, configured the router to bypass the VPN just for my Fire stick 4k

Not sure if you implemented in the same way. I found a brilliant setting to accomplish this without having to fiddle with routing tables:

Just set the router Proxy Mode (inside the VPN config screens) to “Based on the client device”.

Then you set it to exclude the particular device based on MAC address.

I implemented bypassing through routing tables as I have multiple WireGuard connections running on my router simultaneously.

Glad you were able to find a solution though!

Interesting! I didn’t even know this was possible :slight_smile: . Thanks for sharing!