📣 CNX Software has published the second part of the review blog about our Flint 2

CNX Software confirms that our Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) 's 2.5GbE and Wi-Fi 6 performance is excellent and verifies our claim of achieving 900 Mbps WireGuard VPN speeds in both Server and Client modes. :heart_eyes:Check out the detailed review and discover why the Flint 2 is the ultimate choice for highspeed connectivity and secure VPN performance. :globe_with_meridians::muscle:GL.iNet Flint 2 router review – Part 2: WiFi 6, 2.5GbE, WireGuard performance - CNX Software


Hopefully they don’t talk about in details about all the bugs on the firmware… :thinking:

If you read the test, you will see that it’s one of the biggest issues with all tests: It’s not about “normal” usage - it’s about using it in some prepared environment.

Even if this is considered as a “test”, I would not agree that it is some real “review”. That the router is working fine with iperf is great, but not a real sign for a good speed in real life applications.


I did not saw a single mentoin of the firmware only the OpenWrt version… honestly there are still bad issues with 2.4ghz so seeing these speeds makes me wonder if he used magic or the beta cus i can only reach these type of speeds on the mediatek sdk one😋