Compact home router advice

I am moving in a flat where I want to have the router in the telecom box of the apartment.
Place is limited, there will be a small gigabit switch, Fiber from the ISP and modem.
What would be the best router from Gl.inet for this use case to run full time? I already own a Slate and was wondering if I should go toward a Beryl, Brume or even Convexa-B. Wifi is optional since there will be 2 Ubiquiti access points.
I don’t want to toast it and having a device robust enough to handle my home network (2x Synology Nas, severals raspberry pi, 2 UAPs with various phone/tablets in wifi)

Just intrigued as to why you would need 2 UAPs for such a small place that you do not wish to have a ‘regular-sized’ router in? I think the Brume will do in your case though.

Thanks for your answer. The router will be located in the telecom box at the center of the flat, next to the modem whre the optical fiber arrives. It’s quite small and wifi from there is useless since it will be like a Faraday cage. But in there I have various rj45 LAN connections going to the different rooms in the flat, I can then use one access point to each extremity of the apartment connected through these LAN ports.

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Get one B1300 or B2200