Company Laptop Uses GPS to Track Location

My company issued me a Dell Latitude laptop. From what I can gather online, these laptops have built-in GPS capability.

In my Location settings, it says ‘Location for this device is off.’ But it also says certain settings are managed by an administrator. I do not have the ability to make changes. The Change button is greyed out and I am unable to switch it on or off.

Is it possible that my company could be using the built-in GPS to pinpoint my location? Despite the fact it says that Location is off, could they still be able to track me?

I have been researching the popular method of using two GL.inet routers to spoof location. Specifically the Slate AX with the Flint 2. I now question whether this method will work with my Dell Latitude laptop.

To make matters worse, I looked at my company’s employee privacy policy and it states that among other things, they collect precise geolocation data when using company equipment.

What do you guys think? Will using two travel routers work in this scenario? I could turn off wifi, bluetooth, connect directly to the router with ethernet, etc. but if they are using GPS will this method fail?

Well it’s not worth the risk. Keep your employer informed about your location

Totally possible.

If you are not the administrator, it’s not your device.

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One thing I should mention, 3 years ago I worked out of state for a weeks. I did not use any sort of VPN. No one said anything back then. But, I was using an older Dell laptop.

Yeah I suppose there is some risk. However, I honestly don’t think it is within the best interest of the company to “show their hand” and start revealing to employees that they are tracking us. They have never openly communicated to us that they are monitoring our location. Sure, it is in the fine print of the Employee Privacy Policy, but you have to go digging for that. Most employees at this company probably have no clue about what it says in that policy.

If someone uses two VPN routers, and they still get flagged and confronted by the IT department, it would reveal the extent to which the company is spying on us. Word would get out. People would be inspired to leave.

I would also question the legality of what they are doing. I believe the law differs across states, but in many cases the employer can’t use GPS to track employee location unless the employee provides written consent.

I don’t get why people always trying to fool the company they are working for.

Why can they just talk to them or look for a new job if it does not fit at all? Is this some US thingy? :sweat_smile:


In my country it is because they work at home which is since of more introduced due covid, however some of them just want vacation or be with kids somewhere else which often the boss does not approve :yum:

Then they spoof like they are home.

Though i also don’t get it lol :yum:, theres nothing wrong to pull gas back or find a job what pays more equal idd.

Isn’t that why people buy these GL.inet products in the first place?

Can’t tell but would assume that no. Nearly every router is capable of using VPN.
I would assume most people buy GL.iNET because they are low-cost and rich in featureset.