Compiling custom driver for 4.4.93

Device GL-MT300N-V2.

I built OpenWRT/LEDE from source as found here: (Branch: lede-17.01) The resulting firmware uses kernel 4.4.92. However, wifi does not work, because there is no mt7628.ko in /lib/modules/4.4.92/

As a result, I use the image builder: GitHub - gl-inet/lede-imagebuilder-ramips-mt7628: Imagebuilder for ramips mt7628.. The kernel version for that is 4.4.93. That works well.

I now need to compile a package (gobi-serial and gobi-net) for 4.4.93. Obviously I can’t use buildroot because it uses 4.4.92.

As far as I can tell, I can’t compile packages using imagebuilder, only add the already-compiled .ipk files to the packages directory.

How can I compile the Gobi drivers for 4.4.93 for use with the image builder?


I have built image for MT300N-V2 from trunk (r6952-5399de7). No problem.
root@OpenWrt:/etc# uname -r

Is gobi-serial and gobi-net kernel modules? If it is not kernel modules you can just copy the the ipk from other version and build in the imagebuilder.

LEDE-17.01.5 is opensource version and there is not mt7628.ko for that. You have to use opensource drivers.