Conecting to Router from a VPN connection

Hello all,

I have a simple question, i think, can i connect to the configuration page from a vpn connection? I have my router at home and i need to create a vpn profile, but i am abroad and dont have access to the config. When I try to connect with the VPN open i only get a "It Works" blank page :smiley:

Thanks in advance for the help,

Should work totally fine.

"It works!" is the default website of Apache2 - since GL devices use nginx, it seems to be not your router. Maybe you have a port forward active?

yes but what i need is to access the configuration page of the router :slight_smile: and no I dont have any port redirects. And i am using wireguard.

I understood. But as I said: "It works!" can't be a site on the router itself. So something is odd, but it's not the router.

"It works" should be Apache2. So you are connecting to another server.