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Hi all,
Bit of an unusual request for help. We are using GL-X3000 routers at over 500 sites.

At each site we have up to 600 (usually 1-200) Android tablets. When tablets are plugged in to charge at the end of the day (near the router), they:

  • try to connect to the router over WiFi
  • send small amounts of analytic data (under 1MB)
  • disconnect

We’ve configured openwrt on the router to a 2min DHCP lease time with 4000 addresses possible (and with a /28 subnet).

Not all devices will try to connect at the same time, but even now we see some clients just aren’t able to.

Any ideas on configuration options to enable all clients to successfully connect?

If you have more in-depth knowledge to consult and help us troubleshoot, please DM!

That’s a crazy setup! Quite interesting. One thought that immed. jumps to mind. The Flint v 1 (GL-AX1800) features a quad-core, 1.2 GhZ SOC. GL advertises it supports a max. of 120 connected clients. I naturally presume this relates only to AP association.

The Spitz AX (GL-X3000) uses a weaker, dual core, 1.3 GhZ. I think that’s probably a major bottleneck. You’d have to determine the max AP load it could handle before a client-side app could be considered for ‘batch uploading’.

@hansome : Do you guys have a number the Spitz AX can handle for @jammmet ?

This could be an issue since it will create high load. DHCP lease time of 2min means that there will be an new DHCP request of each device after only 60seconds - since half of the lease time is usually the time the device wants to renew the address.

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I checked the test report.
It turns out to keep the throughput >=1Mbps.
the most number is 46(2.4G) and 78(5G) DBDC.

In a crowded environment, the 2.4G ht20 usually handles more clients than ht40.

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