Configure router for upcoming ssid change

Hi, i have a remote beryl connected via wifi to a dsl router .
Due to a upcoming dsl router exchange i will loose connection sooner or later. Luckily i already know the new ssid and the pw.
Is there a way to preconfigure the router for this new ssid and pw?

Thx for any help.

To clarify, is the Beryl connected to the DSL router as Repeater, not with Cable?
Are you accessing the Beryl remotely through the DSL router?

If so and you change the SSID on the Beryl, then you will immediately lose connectivity to the router until the DSL is changed and hopefully the new SSID and password are correct,.

You should be able to manually change the SSID and password in LuCi → Network → Wireless for the WAN radio. I don’t see a way to do it in the GL.iNet UI.

If you know the specific date they will change the SSID, you can set up a CRON job to change the wireless config and commit the config on the router.

If you don’t know when it will happen, then it would be harder. You could check when the internet goes down and do the same above. It might be possible to see if credentials fail via logread, parse that and only change SSID when that happens.

Hi again,

Yes beryl is connected as normal wifi client with the dsl router/modem combo and beryl itself open its own wifi subnet to other clients. Beryl is working as normal router not in repeater mode.

I see it seems beryl/openwrt cannot handle several known wifi credentials to connect if one fails as smartphones can do, right?

If so i got to wait until the change .

Thx to all

You can add the new ssid in the repeater list.

Click scan and wait it give you the current wifi list
choose other and fill the new ssid and key info. You can try fill wpa mixed and choose one channel
If the UI only allows you to connect to 2.4G wifi, it may be a bug. Just need to fill the correct ssid and key and it should be fine.

Expecting that whe it changes, the router will automatically connect to it.

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This is good to know! Thanks.

EDIT: Make sure that Repeater Options - Auto scan and re-connect is Enabled.

Sounds like @alzhao has a good solution.

By the way, GL.iNet terminology is that Repeater is any Wifi WAN connection even as a router. Other WAN connection types are Cable, 3G/4G Modem and Tethering

Router, Extender, Access Point and WDS are what GL.iNet calls network modes in MORE SETTINGS → Network Mode.

Hi, there is no button to enter a SSID not within the app not with the web interfaces of the router.

There is no special button.

On the GL.iNet Internet page, click “Scan” in the Repeater section, as if you are going to connect to another SSID. When the page comes back with the wifi list, click the SSID listbox and scroll down to the bottom to select “Other…”. You will then be able to manually enter the new SSID, Wi-Fi Security, Password and enable “Remember”.

Hopefully, when you click the “Join” button, it will save the new information without changing/disconnecting from the existing SSID.

Make sure that Repeater Options - “Auto scan and re-connect” is Enabled.

You have it here


many thank ok i was using all the time an apple smartphone it seems the web interface on chrome is not working properly i just see the scan progressbar going to 100% and then nothing more. With a laptop it is ok right now.
Just one more question i have to give a channel which one should i use i thought normaly client and server handle this by themselfes.

Ok i gave it a try but beryl wants directly to join to this other network and timed out, and does not store it :weary:, so can it be done dirctly in openwrt via ssh?


I see. Two ways to work out.

First, you make a network with the same ssid and key, then try connect the router to it. You even do not need manually to input. Just scan and connect.

Second, edit /etc/configt/ssids and add one section as to existing config.