Configure static DHCP lease on Brume 2

I dont find where you can configure static DHCP lease in Brume 2 with v4.4.6 web interface. Is it because of using Adguard home? When I go to the Adguard home web interface there is a setting for static lease but clicking on it does nothing:

If you click the add static lease button nothing happens.

clicking on the enable DHCP server button also does nothing.

You can do it from LuCi interface as follow

For already connected devices:

For all other granular DHCP settings:

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Please don’t, will be conflict 2 DHCP servers between router and Adguard Home.

So usually turn off DHCP server in gl gui then turn on adguard home DHCP. Then restart router and will be display IP and mac address in adguard home.


Found an option in the “modern” non Luci Gui too it is under network lan and then you need to scroll down and there it is “hidden”:

This should be separated in the network menu under “DHCP” in my opinion.

I totally Agree with you since DNS is similar service and has its own section.

As for DHCP, I prefer LuCi as it gives more granular settings.

Yeah but you’re not exactly a typical user of these GL devices. I’d be rather hesitant to point someone at LuCI for something so simple, all the more so that DHCP reservation is a stock GL f/w feature.

We’ll see if it happens: