Configure two/multiple OpenVPN tunnels with custom routes

I would like to setup two different openvpn tunnels which seems to be possible with the new v4 firmware using custom routes. Then i would like to setup a custom route to one of the vpns for specific destination ips which is also possible. But i would then like to setup a default route for all of the other traffic to the 2nd vpn. How can i put a default route in the custom route dialoge in the v4 firmware?
Help would be much appreciated.

I guess you mean using two VPN clients, one to access the private network and one to access the internet?

You can try using as the “Target Address” and set a bigger “Metric” (must be bigger than the Metric of another VPN’s routing rule).
Note, however, that you must start your 1st VPN client (for specific destination ips) first and then start the 2nd VPN client (default route). Otherwise, the 1st VPN client will access the VPN server with the 2nd VPN.

Ok, and what should i put in as the gateway? Can i enter just the tun / vpn interface?

Do you mean the “Gateway” in the routing rules? It can be empty.

I don’t understand your mean.

Ok got it. Thank you - i will test that and revert later.