Configure wireguard client to connect to NordVPN servers using GL-AR150?

Hi all. Is it possible to configure wireguard client to connect to NordVPN servers using GL-AR150? As I dont know how to install nordvpn directly as referenced by other threads.


None of the known package managers (apt, yum, dnf, zypper) are available

echo “Error: Couldn’t identify the package manager”

You don’t need to install any nordvpn software.

Just get the wireguard config, import it and let’s go.
See WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Router Docs 3

NordVPN doesn’t have Wireguard protocol.
They have their own protocol called Nordlynx

It will work only with OpenVPN… That means: very low speed.

That’s not the whole story:

You can get the WireGuard configs, but it needs manual afford.

No guarantee, but this looks good: GitHub - mustafachyi/NordVPN-WireGuard-Config-Generator: Originally written in Python, our script has evolved to encompass versions in Go, Rust, Node.js, Ruby, and a web-based interface. This upgraded tool automates the retrieval of server data from NordVPN's API and simplifies the generation of WireGuard configuration files.

Or even more simple:

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Thanks. I think i’ll try getting the config files from the links you provided. Copy pasted from it to this

Don’t forget to enter your private key within the config.

Thanks for the config files. But I want to generate the private key myself to avoid leaking my token.

I dont have Linux machine except glinet ar150. And when I tried installing nordvpn with opkg, seems like there is no said package managers on my router (Apt, yum, etc)

How can I get private key then?

Update: I tried wg genkey > privatekey according to this link But got this warning

No way, without a computer, imho.

Running Nord directly on the AR150 won’t work - no need to try it. The package does not exist and the OS on the router would be too old anyway, I would say.

If you could install python on the router, you might get the script working I linked. But I am not sure if the router has enough ressources for that.

Update: I tried wg genkey > privatekey according to this link WireGuard - GL.iNet Router Docs 2. But got this warning

Nah, this won’t work.

The private key must be generated by Nord.

Yeah. I think I will need to install nord somewhere else… Then use the private key to be used in my AR150.

Do you think it is possible?

I don’t think so because Nord is wrapping the Nord client around the WireGuard protocol. Not sure if you can make it to expose the private key - I don’t use Nord.

I would say the way to go is by running the script from GitHub which I linked before.

Got the wireguard nordvpn up and running. I used the web key generator after all. Lol. Thanks.


The only catch, when trying connect wireguard via GL-AR150 router.

My 50 Mbps internet DL/UL speed reduced to half or sometimes worse. Especially upload which sometimes can hit merely 3Mbps.

But it is much better than using Nordvpn’s Openvpn.

Several times I tried connecting the NordVPN via Phone through the ISP router. The speed is merely reduced if not reduced at all.

I guess the power of the router is too minimal.

A NordVPN article said that quick VPN speed via router can only be obtained via very powerful router, phone app, or native PC app.

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