Configuring VLAN on Flint GL AX-1800

I have a Flint 2 serving as my main router with a Flint 1 in bridge mode, basically acting as a switch. I am trying to use the Flint 1 in order to set up a VLAN on one of its Ethernet ports, but can’t seem to get it working. DHCP keeps assigning an IP address from the main network scope.

I’ve added an interface to Network > Interfaces in Luci on the Flint 1 for the necessary port and have set an IP address. I’ve also tried adding the VLAN and specifying the Ethernet port in Network > Devices on the Flint 1 and setting the firewall zone.

What am I missing here in order to get the VLAN to work?

Here is my network topology:

Can you try to disable dhcp on the flint and assign static IP to it within the range of your upstream modem? Or exclude in dhcp settings the Ethernet ports that you want them to be in the VLAN setup.

Have you looked at this guide:

Hi Spitz,

The Flint 1 is in bridge/access point mode and isn’t performing DHCP or NAT. I have also assigned a static IP to the Flint 1 already.

I did notice that I forgot to remove the Ethernet port I will use for VLAN out of the br-lan interface on the Flint 1. After doing that, however, it doesn’t appear that I’m getting an IP address from the range set on in the VLAN interface.

So is it working now ?

I don’t think so. Still getting an IP address in the main network’s range. No idea why it wouldn’t be working at this point. Are there any settings that I need to configure on the Flint 2 upstream?

How did you configure the bridge mode? How do you know it is not performing dhcp and NAT?

How did connect both Flint ? Ethernet? Which ports ? Please be specific.

You can configure that in Network Mode un Network in the GL-iNet GUI. In access point mode, the default behavior is DCHP and NAT are not being performed since the main router is already handling that. All NAT and DCHP options disappear once I put the Flint 1 in bridge mode.

The Flint 1 is connected to the Flint 2 (main router) via an Ethernet port. Therefore all devices connected to the Flint 1 via Ethernet are a part of the main network.

I am essentially trying to use one of the ports on the Flint 1 and have it be a VLAN on a different subnet. Is this possible with the Flint 1 being downstream of the Flint 2? Can the Flint 1 not be behind the Flint 2 and use one of its ports as a VLAN port with internet access?

Which port on Flint1? The Wan port ?

This is something similar to you are trying to achieve:

If you don’t have the switch tab under network in LuCi you can install it I guess.

On a LAN port on Flint 1. The WAN port on the Flint 1 is what the Flint 2 is connected to, providing internet access.

Yes this what I meant: wan port on Flint 1 is used to connect to Flint 2.

That is correct. I feel like I’m missing something simple. I can’t get internet access via the port I’ve chosen for VLAN.

Is it VLAN on both ends of the “cable”?

I mean, you know what VLAN is used for and how, I guess - but still asking.

Here is my network topology:

The main network is on the Flint 2. The only networks that exist right now are the main network and the guest network.

For what reason do you need VLAN?

I work from home and I’m looking to isolate my work laptop onto its own subnet.

VLAN isn’t needed for own subnet. It‘s more secure but not needed. You should go with normal routing mode instead of bridging.

I did consider that, but the issue is that I don’t want everything that is connected behind the Flint 1 to be on the same subnet. 3 out of the 4 ports need to stay on the main network. How can I achieve this?

Did you check the two references I have provided?

Yeah, I was reading the page a bit earlier.

Is there a way to disable NAT functions while keeping the router in router mode?