Confused about DNS gl-ax1800-flint router

I have a gl-ax1800-flint router and it has Nord VPN on it, it works very nicely. I would like to set up Adguard on the router but am a little confused perhaps someone can help me

I use the NORD DNS that is recomended by Nord for the router VPN.

I notice that Adguard also wants to use a specific DNS.

Will the Adguard DNS overwrite or interfer with the Nord DNS, I dont want to loose my VPN or change any settings that might jepardise the VPN

Please keep it simple as I am getting on a bit and the router stuff is all new to me :wink:

You should be able to use Adguard Home with the Nord DNS servers as it’s upstream without any problems. How Adguard works is it checks if the address your computer is requesting is on a block list (list of advertisers and malicious domains). If it isn’t, it sends the request on to whatever DNS server you tell it to. If you go to the Adguard Home settings page, you can tell it what DNS server to check with. If you set it to Nord DNS’s ip addresses, you will continue to use Nord DNS when you use Adguard home.

Here is a link to Nord’s webpage where they give the IP addresses of the servers: What are your DNS server addresses? | NordVPN support

You set the servers in the “DNS Settings” section of Adguard Home. AdGuard Home: In-depth overview

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Thank you for the reply.

I am using the Nord DNS and

It is the text below from within router app itself that gives me cause for concern.

When AdGuard Home is enabled, the router will force the use of DNS servers provided by AdGuard Home.

Adguardhome has its own settings page located at you will need to sign in to the routers admin page first. Once signed in go to Applications and click adguadhome.
The page should look like this.

Then navigate to settings menu

Enter and setup how you want DNS to work

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Thank you for the reply and the instructions.

I noticed in one of you earlier posts you wrote this, this apears to be exactly what I am trying to acheive, there are a few bits in this that I dont fully understand but I will delete quad9 DNS and replace with my Nord VPN DNS servers.

*I deleted quad9 DNS (, and replaced with my Nord VPN DNS servers.

** I also replaced the bootstrap DNS with cloudflare (,***

I’m using Nord vpn for my entire network with kill switch engaged and vpn policy

Thats the first bit done.

If you have anymore recomendations, setting etc, your guidance would be most welcome. :+1:

I also replaced the bootstrap DNS with cloudflare (,***

I’m using Nord vpn for my entire network with kill switch engaged and vpn policy

I have set the bootstrap DNS to

Its been a week since I made the final adjustment to Adguard and apart from a few adjustments with Java for individual sites Adguard seems to be working very well.