Confusion on Repeater Mode

I’ll start this as a new thread. I’m having an issue with this MT3000, which seems to be locked on channel 147 (coded in /etc/config/wireless).

My home home network chooses to set itself to channel 36. I connect wirelessly on the 5g band to the MT3000, and then scan in repeater mode. The MT3000 does not see any 5g bands to connect to, including my home network in the known networks on the MT3000. If I change the main router to channel 147, it connects immediately.

I thought WISP mode worked like this: you scan for available networks, and it would see all available networks. You connected to one, the router would reconfigure its radio for that channel, connect, and then your laptop would see the MT3000 radio on the new channel and connect. Voila.

Is this a change in behavior in Beta 2? Or am I completely turned around?

My test unit had connected to channels 149, 40 and and scan/show other available networks

Edit: on router mode

This is on 4.2.0 B2?

Yes I am on 4.2 beta 2

It is just a bug. MT3000 should show all connectable channels

I upgraded to the Jan2 snapshot, reset to defaults, and this seems to be back to normal. Thanks.