Connect a LAN device to WIREGUARD trough the router

Dear People,

Today delivered my new GL router GL-AR750. I set a new WIREGUARD VPN client and I have connected it with success to my PiVPN.

I think VPN works fine and now I ping other PiVPN clients from my laptop.

I need to connect in other LAN ports of the GL-AR750, my IP camera and I need to ping it from PiVPN server.

Now in PiVPN server, I can ping GL-AR750 client but I can’t ping my camera connected

there are the WG parameters working in my router

PrivateKey = xxxxxxxx
Address =
MTU = 1420
DNS =,

PublicKey = xxxxxxx
PresharedKey = xxxxxxx
Endpoint = MY VPS IP
AllowedIPs =, ::0/0

My question is: can I connect my IP camera to PiVPN WG trough the router ? Can I ping the camera from my PiVPN WG server ?

This is very important for me. If it’s possible to do it, I must buy a lot of GL routers !

Yes you can I do this to remotely control my devices just enable local lan access from the VPN settings in wireguard. is the camera’s IP which got from the router, right? It is local network in the router’s side and you cannot ping it directly.

What you can do is to set up a port forward on AR750s, from zone wireguard to lan.

For example if you want to forward port 1234, from wireguard to lan IP, you can access the camera at

yes, is a camera connected to the router.
I must set a correct IP for the camera ? example, ?
And, can I set port forwarding directly from the router, right ?

Do you help me with the settings ?

Just setup a wireguard VPN and allow local access make sure its running then setup the client on your other end then connect and you should be good to go.

I have VPN connected, and from the router (my laptop) I can ping other PiVPN Wireguard client (,…) but from the PiVPN server (VPS) I can’t ping my router client and the camera . Maybe the problem is the firewall ? Do you have a tip for forward the router and the camera ? Please check image attach.
Thank you very much for your help ! :sweat_smile:

This is my client WG, thanks !

If the IP address must match the subnet. If your camera use static IP, you must change it to 192.168.8.x which match the subnet of the router. But you can change the router’s IP to 192.168.1.x as well.